The Blacksmith's Shop is a location in My Little Blacksmith Shop.

Your New HomeEdit


The workbench.

When you create a new game, you wake up next to your bed on the morning of Day 1. Stepping out of your room, you see the store counter, the Workbench, complete with one of each kind of common grip and a few assorted guards; you also see the order list and the coin chest. Out back of the shop is your forge, anvil, and the place order window. You have a shelf with some starting materials: 8 copper ingots. Around one side is the smelter and a rack for storing wood. You are graciously given a log for firewood, and a nice chunk of coal to power the smelter.

Starting Your ShopEdit


The Blacksmith's Shop storefront, from behind the counter. Click the sign to open up shop!

With a few ingots ready to heat, a few assorted grips and guards, and a handful of coins, you're ready to open up shop. Click on the front door's sign to set your shop to open, make sure the door is open as well, and let the customers roll in. As they submit requests note you're on a timer! Customers will get impatient and leave if you're too slow in filling their order. If you don't know how to make a certain item, check out the Weapons page for some instructions.

Shop SecretsEdit


The Fire Crystal as it floats in the Blacksmith's Shop as of Alpha 0.0.82.

Hidden even in your own home is one of the four crystals; it's floating in the flames of the torch just to the left of the door. Try to collect them all!