Crates are a very useful transportation tool to assist the player in transporting multiple items over a longer distance. Players start the game with 4 crates normally.

Do note that this crate is different from shipping crates, which are breakable and single use. A crate can be closed if there is an item within it, but not if it is empty.

History Edit

  • Alpha 0.1.0
    • Changed - Crates are back to normal
  • Alpha 0.0.9c
    • Added - crates to the woodworking bench
    • Changed - Crates are now present boxes
  • Alpha 0.0.82:
    • Fixed - Crate next to second house won’t spawn infinite
    • Added - Crates now have lids and objects inside will no longer move once closed
  • Alpha 0.0.5:
    • You can pick up the open crates and move them around for your storage needs.