Geoffrey's Parts Shop is a location in My Little Blacksmith Shop. It is where Geoffrey stays and sells the player various weapon parts; currently Geoffrey only offers Grips. Geoffrey offers parts at a better price than the place order. However, as there are currently several glitches with the shop's pricing and purchasing, it is advised to use the place order instead.

Location Edit


The signpost as viewed from the Blacksmith's Shop porch. Follow the red arrow to reach Geoffrey's Parts Shop.

Geoffrey's Parts Shop is located to the north-west of the Blacksmith's Shop. The red signpost outside the Blacksmith's Shop front door points towards it. 

Geoffrey shop outside

Geoffrey's Parts Shop as seen from it's pathway.

Stock Edit

The shop currently stocks all the Grips from the place order menu, as well as two grips not available on the place order, the Common Wooden One Hand Grip and the Common Wooden Two Hand Grip.

Part Amount Available

List Price

(Shopping Crate )

Actual Price Place Order Price
Wooden One Hand Grip 4 $1 $1 n/a
Wooden Two Hand Grip 4 $2 $2 n/a
Common One Hand Grip 5 $5 $5 $7
Common Two Hand Grip 5 $10 $7 $9
Common Polearm Grip 5 $14 $14 $16
Fancy One Hand Grip 5 $7 $10 $12
Fancy Two Hand Grip 5 $12 $12 $14
Fancy Polearm Grip 5 $18 $18 $20

Geoffrey shop inside

Purchasing Edit

In order to purchase an item from Geoffrey's, simply pick-up the item with right-click, and carry it out the door. The actual cost of the item from the table above will be deducted from your Coin Chest automatically.

Purchasing multiple items at a time utilizing the Shopping Crate is where glitches and other issues can occur.

If you place an item into the Shopping Crate, and then remove it, the price deducted is $2 more than the list price above. This means that every time you place an item in the crate and then remove it (you don't even have to let go of right-click), the price of the items in the crate reduces by $2. The value can go negative, and when you carry the crate out of the shop it's price is subtracted from your Coin Chest. That means if the crate is a negative price, you gain money. This can be an infinite money exploit with enough patience.

Purchasing multiple items at a time in a crate sometimes does not correctly calculate the total price, often times overcharging you. It is advised to purchase items one at a time, and place them in a crate outside to carry home.

Also be sure to NOT close the lid on the Shopping Crate. Once you bring the crate outside, the Shopping Crate is swapped with a regular crate, and the items inside will no longer have physics. This prevents you from using the items you purchased.