The one hand axe is a weapon. The one hand axe can also be equipped with E in order to be used by the player to chop trees into logs and logs into firewood. Higher tiers of metals chop trees faster. Only this kind of axe may be used to chop wood as the player cannot equip a greataxe or any combination of parts that doesn't match up as a One Hand Axe.

Assembly Edit

Axe Head - 2 Ingots

One Hand Grip

Chopping Speeds Edit

For the table below do note that in version 0.0.82 an initial chop must be made to make a tree start taking damage. This has not been accounted for in the table.

Axe Head Material Damage per Chop* Chops to Log a Tree Chops to split firewood Chops to split rare firewood
Copper 1 20 5 8
Tin 2.5 8 2 **4
Iron 3 7 2 **3
Adelite 3.5 6 2 3
Mithril 4 5 2 2
Adamantine 4.5 5 2 2
Titanium 5 4 1 2

*Copper being used as a base for damage

**Not tested but safely speculated

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Added - Experience can be gained by mining and cutting trees and splitting logs
  • Fixed - Adjusted volume for when trees fall.
  • Changed - Tree fall increased

Alpha 0.0.8:

  • Added - Mining and logging 1.0.
  • Added - You can now equip the hammers, axes and pickaxes you’ve created. Press the “E” key to pick up your desired tool. You can cycle through each one by pressing buttons 1-3 on your keyboard. Equipping a new one will replace the old equipped slot but not drop it.

Alpha 0.0.73:

  • Added- Axes(Sandbox).
  • Added- Trees can be cut down (Sandbox).
  • Added- Logs can be cut to Firewood.