One Hand Grips are a kind of grip in My Little Blacksmith Shop. They can be combined with everything to form weapons and tools. Some of them might require a guard to form a weapon. The value of each grip varies depending on the difficulty.

One Hand Grip Edit

Common Wooden One Hand Grip

Common Wooden One Hand Grip -
Cost 1 Copper Coins (Geoffrey's Parts Shop)

Uncommon One Hand Grip

Uncommon One Hand Grip -
Cost 7 Copper Coins (Ordering)
Cost 5 Copper Coins (Geoffrey's Parts Shop)

Uncommon Gold One Hand Grip

Uncommon Gold One Hand Grip -
Cost 10 Copper Coins (Ordering)
Cost 9 Copper Coins (Geoffrey's Parts Shop)

Rare Dragon Head Grip

Rare Dragon Head Grip -
Cost 18 Copper Coins (Geoffrey's Parts Shop)

History Edit

  • Alpha 0.1.0:
    • Fixed - Grips not connecting to guards
    • Fixed - Grips clipping thru angelic guards
    • Added - New grips and guards to Geoffreys Shop
    • Added - Selling grips and guard at Geoffrey's shop
  • Alpha 0.0.9c:
    • Fixed - grips to display proper rarity.
  • Alpha 0.0.82:
    • Added - Grips, if stolen, will be flagged as stolen and Customers will not purchase them.
    • Fixed - Grips in the shop can’t be picked up
  • Alpha 0.0.8:
    • Fixed - Wrong names and colors for some grips, guards and ores
  • Alpha 0.0.61:
    • Fixed- Fancy grip price
  • Alpha 0.0.3:
    • Added - More grips
  • Alpha 0.0.2:
    • Added - Grips