Titanium is the final Metal the player will obtain. You will need to equip a titanium hammer or better for customers to start ordering titanium tools/weapons.

Obtaining Edit

  • Titanium Ingots can be ordered next to the forge, at a price of 100 gold coins each on normal difficulty.
  • Titanium Ore can be mined only with a Titanium pickaxe, since it is the best tier of metal.


  • You should forge a pickaxe with your first titanium ingots. You can then mine titanium ore in the Mines and smelt your own ingots.

History Edit

  • Alpha 0.1.0:
    • Changed - New 3D model for ores
  • Alpha 0.0.81:
    • Fixed - Ingots turning into copper heads
  • Alpha 0.0.8:
    • Added - Titanium ores in shop mode
  • Alpha 0.0.73:
    • Changed - Titanium ores will no longer turn to Titanium ingots on the forge(Sandbox)
  • Alpha 0.0.7:
    • Changed - Decrease the size of the titanium ingots 2/3 of its original size
    • Added - Titanium ore in Sandbox
  • Alpha 0.0.2:
    • Added - Titanium Ingot