A Tree in its natural habitat

Trees are scattered throughout the map, most notably in the woods behind the Blacksmith's shop. Not all trees can be chopped down for Logs with a one handed axe, but those that are will have a health indicator after being struck once & when close enough. At 60% Health the tree will become detached from the stump & usually fall over, and once it is below 0% it will break into Common Wood Logs and Rare Wood Logs.


A Tree's health indicator at 100%. Edited for clarity

History Edit

Alpha 0.0.82:

  • Added - Experience can be gained by mining and cutting trees and splitting logs
  • Fixed - Adjusted volume for when trees fall.
  • Changed - Tree fall increased

Alpha 0.0.8:

  • Added - Mining and logging 1.0.

Alpha 0.0.73:

  • Added- Trees can be cut down (Sandbox).